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Wife of Accused in Historic Child Molestation Case Takes the Stand


LETHBRIDGE: The trial against a 53-year old former Taber resident accused of molesting his two step sons between 1995 and 2001, continued Wednesday at the Lethbridge courthouse.


The wife of the accused and mother of both alleged victims testified that she was under the control of her husband. She stated that she knew he was having baths with the boys, taking nude photos of one of them and wrestling with them naked. When asked why she did nothing, she explained that her husband told her not to go to the authorities, because they would just want to break up the family and it wasn't sexual.


Following that she commented, "I inadvertently destroyed my children's lives," adding later, "I wish I had married an honest man, my children have been horrendously damaged".


At one point the man was arrested and charged after a photo developer brought certain photos to the attention of police, however charges were dropped after a few months.


The woman said that after her sons both told her what had happened she confronted her husband, who said one of the boys initiated it and it was only a one time thing.


The defence did bring up several emails the woman had sent, in which she said she trusted her husband and did not believe either son. She responded that her husband had full access to her email account and often reviewed her messages, so she had to be careful with what she wrote.


The woman explained that ultimately she left her husband to protect her two youngest children, saying that she had started to notice signs like the ones she had seen from her other two boys when the abuse first began. When talking about the point where she left him she said, "I did love this man at one point in time," adding a short time later, "I can no longer love him through the destruction he has done."


The name of the accused is being withheld to protect the identity of the victims.


The trial is scheduled to run until Thursday.

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 4/24/2014 4:10:03 PM
Source: Patrick Burles (@PatrickBurles on Twitter)-- Country 95 News
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