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Local MP Adjusts Prostitution Survey After Concerns Are Voiced



Initially, Jim Hillyer's short "Survey Monkey" questionnaire on prostitution left some wondering if it was more about monkey business.


The Lethbridge MP created a survey asking his constituents to offer input on the topic of prostitution but, initially, for the survey to be accepted, you had to provide personal information. The survey has now been adjusted and the mandatory personal information field is now optional.


Canadian courts have ruled that laws against prostitution, and third parties benefiting from the proceeds of prostitution, or pimping, are unconstitutional. The federal government appealed the decision and that appeal is now before the Supreme Court.


In a news release, Hillyer states: "Even if the Supreme Court overturns the decisions, Canada's prostitution laws are in dire need of reform. The focus has been mostly towards punishing the prostitute while the john gets off with at most a fine. Prostitution is clearly a form of sexual abuse. We are delusional if we believe that it is a victimless crime; merely a business transaction between consenting adults. We cannot hope to stem the tide of violence against women if we as a society accept the objectification of woman through prostitution as a legitimate choice, and if we continue to stigmatize and prosecute only the prostitute while the so called customer often receives no legal sanction".


The news release goes on to note: "Countries that have legalized and regulated prostitution have seen sexual exploitation, human trafficking and violence towards women and youth increase drastically. In contrast, countries that have criminalized the purchase of sex have seen a marked decrease in street prostitution and sex trafficking. One of the arguments for legalizing prostitution is it protects prostitutes and allows them go to the police for protection against violence and coercion from johns and pimps without fear of prosecution. The Nordic model of prostitution addresses this concern by tackling prostitution and sex trafficking by limiting the demand for commercial sex by criminalizing the purchase of sex while decriminalizing the prostitute. This model recognizes that the vast majority of prostitutes are victims. The Nordic Model of prostitution is also widely supported throughout Canada by police officers, faith groups, women’s organizations, First Nations, and victim support groups".


Hillyer has a four-question survey on his web site (a link is attached) and one of the questions asked for your personal information to "put the data in context". Country 95 contacted Mr. Hillyer's office to ask what "context" could be gathered from telephone numbers and email addresses. The M-P finally contacted the news room late Friday afternoon to let us know the mandatory 'personal information" field had been changed and is now "optional". He confirmed the personal information would have been held in the privacy of his office "for potential future use". 


The short survey can be found at the following link:



Posted on Friday, November 01, 2013 at 4/16/2014 11:32:29 AM
Source: Dori Modney (On Twitter - Dori_Modney) -- Country 95 News
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