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AHS Closes Measles Assessment Centre


LETHBRIDGE: Alberta Health Services has closed the measles assessment tent at the Chinook Regional Hospital.


Over the last seven days the number of people using the tent hasn't gone above five, with a few days where only one or two people would come in.


After making the announcement, Dr. Vanessa Maclean was quick to point out that this does not mean the outbreak is over, "We don't want this to signal to the community that we can relax, because this is not us relaxing at all. This virus is in our community, we have active cases of measles. The potential for spread still exists."


Maclean pointed out that they were simply putting too many resources into staffing the tent, at a time when the numbers had fallen off.


Again though, she noted that nothing is set in stone, "If we start to see any kind of increase in numbers, if we start to see any kind of indication of spread, then we can again scale back up. So within a very short period of time we can re-staff the tent, we can open the tent. This really is a very fluid response."


South zone medical officer of health Dr. Vivien Suttorp also addressed the media, explaining that while there are currently no mass immunization clinics planned, local clinics are still prepared to give out the vaccine to those needing it.


She added that you should continue to call Health Link Alberta at 1-866-408-5465 (LINK) if you show measles symptoms, and avoid going to the hospital, clinic, or emergency room.


Since the tent went up October 23rd, 170 people were assessed there with 40-cases being confirmed.

Posted on Friday, November 22, 2013 at 4/24/2014 2:05:26 PM
Source: Patrick Burles (@PatrickBurles on Twitter)-- Country 95 News
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