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Four Days + A Social Media Blitz = "Hoodies for Hope" from Small Community


PICTURE BUTTE / LETHBRIDGE: It was a warm act of kindness that began with the "re-tweet" of this twitter post:


"StreetsAlive Mission ?@streetsaliveLA9 Dec.     "Hoodies are worth their weight in GOLD around here." ~ Julie Kissick of Streets Alive Mission"


A teacher at Picture Butte High school saw the "re-tweet". With temperatures in Lethbridge dipping to -50 windchill this month, many of the less fortunate are struggling to stay warm and this along with the Christmas spirit sparked the idea and Kerri Masnyk moved into action.

Masnyk approached her home-room grade 9 class about spearheading a campaign called "Hoodies for Hope".

The initial goal was to raise 206 hoodies, one to represent every student in the school. The idea was approved by Principal Sterling Piaha on Friday, December 13th and that started the social media frenzy to get the word out for the campaign which began on Monday, the 16th and ran until Thursday, the 19th.

The grand total ended up being 286 hoodies plus other miscellaneous clothing and coats. (In the photo above, students are holding up signs that read "Goal 206" and "Actual 283".  However, several more hoodies were added after the initial count).


Miss Masnyk notes, "A huge feat for a small country school".


At noon on Friday, December 20th, Ms. Masnyk, Mr. Paiha and the grade 9 class loaded a Palliser school bus and dropped off their donations to Lethbridge Harbor House, Streets Alive and Woods Homes.

Maznyk and the students hope the hoodies spread a sense of HOPE to those who truly need it. Merry Christmas from the students at Picture Butte High School!


Posted on Friday, December 20, 2013 at 4/17/2014 3:53:56 PM
Source: Dori Modney (On Twitter - Dori_Modney) -- Country 95 News / Photos courtesy Kerri Masnyk who is with her grade-9 class and student Claudia van Diemen helps load the bus
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