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Lethbridge MP Jim Hillyer Reflects On 2013


LETHBRIDGE: As we near the end of the year, Country 95 continues the 2013 year-end review with local politicians.


Lethbridge MP Jim Hillyer noted that he was very happy with 2013 as a whole, despite a serious skiing accident in April that left him in the hospital for three weeks with a leg injury, one which he is still recovering from.


Hillyer stated that in 2013 the economy was once again the focus of the Federal government, noting that without a strong economy the government can't support countless projects and programs across the country.


The most important step on that front according to Hillyer is the recent free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union, "It triples our free trade partners from 14 to 42 with a single agreement, we expect about a $12-billion influx into our economy because of it, which translates into thousands and thousands of jobs."


Another highlight of 2013 for Hillyer was the government taking steps to deal with the Indian Act. He explained that Conservative MP Rob Clarke, a status Cree from Saskatchewan, brought forward a private members bill to reform the act, with plans to eventually repeal and replace it, "We've been talking about the fact that the Indian Act is not the right act for decades, for like 50 years, since the 60's we've been saying this needs to be replaced. That's the official act that governs the relationship between the Canadian government and First Nations, and it still talks about residential schools in it."


Hillyer continued that the government's attention to getting tougher on crime and ensuring that we have a "Just justice system" was another major highlight of the year. He pointed out that they're cracking down on violent crimes, with new rules that say a sentence can not be reduced for someone convicted of a violent crime. House arrest has also been taken off the table as a sentencing option for violent criminals.


Hillyer also discussed the Victims Bill of Rights, saying that there's been an imbalance over the years, which almost gave criminals more consideration than their victims. One example he provided is in a case where a criminal writes a book, their victim will get the first claim on the proceeds from it. He also noted that victims will be informed of where the person who committed a crime against them is living after they're time behind bars is over, so they don't have to live in fear that the individual is just down the block.

Posted on Friday, December 27, 2013 at 4/16/2014 10:39:37 AM
Source: Falon Wagner (@FalWagner)---Country 95 News
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