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DJ Bios

Tia Daniels  

Hi ya folks,

I’m the “mature” one of the bunch with over 20 years of radio behind me, including two previous stints here in Lethbridge in 1993 and 2001. I recently re-located to YQL from Saskatchewan and I’ll forewarn you, I still often use the term “Bunny Hug” in conversation, and probably will till I die.


Random facts about me: I love wearing flip-flops, am a gypsy-hippie soul who loves to travel, am known as the crazy cat lady in the building, have a serious addiction to social media, my guilty pleasure is watching Coronation Street, and I hashtag everything. I also live a paleo lifestyle, meaning I’m supposed to only eat meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts. I say “supposed to” because I often cheat on the weekends and carb up with bread and cheese. 

Oh ps...give me a follow on Twitter won't you? @TdotinLA 

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